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Plans for 2006:

The African Great Lakes Initiative plans on training another group of Alternative to Violence (AVP) facilitators in Burundi and then conduct workshops for the recently demobilized "Guardians of the Peace," who were young men given weapons but no training or pay and told to patrol their local community.

The Friends Women's Associaton will continue providing services at their Kamenge clinic for HIV positive people--mostly women--and others. The FWA plans on puchasing a plot in the area and building their own clinic to meet their specific specification.

Peter Yeomans will complete the analysis of the evaluation conducted in 2005 on the Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC) series of workshops in the Cagura area. The HROC program will produce a 25 minute video. Anna Sandidge will do an assessment of the series of HROC workshops in Mutaho, Ruyigi, Cagura, and Ryanyoni by interviewing both facilitators and participants. The main effort for the year will be to develop a two-step training program in partnership with the program in Rwanda to develop "Healing Companions." Twenty-four local Burundians will be trained in a two week training to conduct HROC workshops and a second one-week training to learn how to counsel traumatized individuals. The program will develop a training manual for this that can be used in other situations.

There will be two Workcamps. The first will help with the constuction of the clinic in Kamenge with the Friends Womens Association. Following last year's successful workcamp in Nyarurambi, the second will build three more classrooms for Nyarurambi School.

Continuing programs:

The African Great Lakes Initiative will continue their partnership with Healing and Rebuilding Our Community program begun in August 2003 and with the Friends Women's Association begun in November 2003.

Completed programs:

In July 2005 , the Workcamp with Burundi Yearly Meeting built 3 classrooms for Nyarurambi School and re-roofed five houses, four for Hutu refugees returning from Tanzania and one for an internally displaced Tutsi

In July 2004 , the Workcamp with Kibimba Peace Committee rebuilt three and re-roofed two houses for internally displaced Tutsi.

In July 2003, the Workcamp with Kibimba Peace Committee rebuilt 5 houses for internally displaced Tutsi

In April 2002 , AGLI successfully introduced the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP-Burundi) with Burundi Yearly Meeting

From October 2000 to March 2003, the major endeavor of the African Great Lakes Initiative was to develop the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS) with Burundi Yearly Meeting. This included the organization of the program, the training of lead facilitators, the additional training of 23 local facilitators, and the opening of listening rooms. In March 2003, THARS received major outside funding and has continued without additional support from AGLI working with victims of torture, safe houses for women who have been raped and abused, and counselling individuals with severe cases of trauma.

In July 1999, AGLI first project was the Workcamp with Burundi Yearly Meeting rebuilding the guest house at Kamenge Friends Church in Bujumbura.