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General Articles

Healing from Slavery, War, and Genocide: Lessons from John Woolman and Friends in Rwanda and Burundi, by David Zarembka, October 22, 2006. This is the 59th John Woolman Memorial Lecture given at the Burlington Meeting House in New Jersey. The lecture gives eight lessons we need to learn and follow to help in situations of violent conflict.

Quakers and Peace in Africa by Malesi Kinaro, August 2004. A presentation at the Watu wa Amani Conference (People of Peace) in Kenya describing the Quakers in Africa and their many peacemaking activities.

Morning Mediation by Cecile Nyiramana, August 2004. A clarion call to Quakers and other to peacemaking work in response to the Rwandan genocide, morning worship at the Watu wa Amani (People of Peace) conference in Kenya.

Witness of the Rwandan Friends to the 1994 Genocide, by Cecile Nyiramana, August 2004. A summary of the work of Rwanda Yearly Meeting of Friends to try to heal the many wounds from the genocide, a presentation made at the Watu wa Amani (People of Peace) conference in Kenya

Is God Still Sleeping? by David Zarembka, April 2004. A challenge to Quakers on why they have neglected the wars and conflicts in the Great Lakes region of Africa.