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Kenya Reports

Report #46
May 6, 2008

Patrick Mureithi, a film-maker from Springfield, MO, has made a film called "Icyizere-Hope" about a Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC) workshop in Gisenyi, Rwanda last August. You can view a five-minute short by clicking here.

Patrick has a draft of his film which he showed in Rwanda during the commemoration of the genocide. Here is Theoneste's report:

"Icyizere-Hope: During this time of remembering the victims of the 1994 genocide the film Icyizere has been shown in different cinema centers and many times on Rwandan television. The film chronicles a HROC workshop in Rwanda. It was shot last July and August by Patrick Mureithi of Springfield, MO. The film, which is based on Rwandan culture and focuses on the inner power of healing and peacebuilding of Rwandans, has helped people to believe that there is hope, that Rwanda can become again a peaceful society where there is no hatred, fear, and mistrust between Rwandans. Even though the film is not yet entirely completed, Icyizere will be a very important tool for HROC; we will be using it to achieve our goals of healing and reconciliation in Rwanda and other countries that have had similar experiences."

As you might have guessed from his name, Patrick was born in Kenya. After his recent trip to Rwanda, he came to Kenya for a few days to visit his relatives. While here he was interviewed by the Sunday Nation, the largest paper in Kenya, for their Lifestyle insert in the Sunday edition. Patrick just called me about this. He says that the articles will talk extensively about HROC, AGLI, and the fact that we are bringing the program to western Kenya.

You will be able to read the article online by going to on Sunday and clicking on the left where it says "Daily Magazine."

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