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Kenya Reports

Report #57
June 26, 2008

Here is the latest report from John Muhanji, Director of African Ministries of Friends United Meeting, on the return of the internally displaced people to Sugoi. Here is what John said about the first attempt on June 19--"But hell broke loose when they took the other IDPs to Sugoi from Eldoret show ground. The D.O [District Officer] called me today and wished that I was with him. They were almost being killed by the community people who never wanted to see them back."


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Dear Friends,

God is and has always been faithful to us in our ministry. We have continued to experience his miracles all the time since we started the peace mission in Kenya. In our smallness and humbleness we have seen mountain moving and deep valleys being leveled.

I traveled to Nairobi on Saturday 21st so that I could attend a visa interview at the USA Embassy on Monday 23rd. Before I traveled in the evening, I attended a very successful prayer meeting for all the USFW Kenya [United Society of Friends Women--Kenya] women held at Mbale Friends High School. This was a meeting that gave me hope and strength after weeks of exhaustion. I felt filled with fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. We had a prayer meeting for peace where I gave them the problem that we had in Sugoi in Eldoret. We had women drawn from all the 15 yearly meetings in Kenya in attendance just for a one day prayers for peace in Kenya and Africa. Dorothy Selebwa the Clerk of USFW Kenya presided over the prayer meeting and led all women in praying for the Fiends Church Peace Team of which she is a member. After a very successful prayer meeting at Mbale School which was attended by over 1,300 women, I traveled to Kisumu to connect to Nairobi.

I went to the American embassy on Monday 23rd morning for the visa interview and was given the visa. I am now sure I will travel to the FUM Triennial this year [in July in North Carolina]. While in Nairobi on Tuesday 24th, I was called on the phone by the District Officer, Turbo Division, that they would like to resettle back the IDPs from Sugoi on Wednesday 25th and senior government officials would be in attendance. I informed Joseph Mamai [Chairman of Friends Church Peace Teams] to contact other members of FCPT to be present in Sugoi. I traveled from Nairobi on Wednesday morning 25th to Kisumu, then Eldoret/Sugoi.

Friends, I would like to report that the prayers that were offered on Saturday were truly answered and I thought it was a dream I was imagining. The elders of Sugoi had met after the ugly incident that happened on Thursday 19th where the IDPs were chased away. These elders rebuked themselves and vowed never to repeat such an action in their
lives with their neighbors. The Kalenjin community elders went to the camp [at Eldoret showgrounds] and asked their neighbors to join them at home. They went to bring them to their land. The elders agreed to host them in their homes rather than building another camp with tents. Families divided among themselves the IDPs who had come. It was a time of joy and many shed tears of joy. It was a great reunion among the themselves.

There was a man who owned a school and an orphanage which were both destroyed badly by the villagers out of anger from the post election violence. It is sad when you look at what used to be a home now looking like a ruin or which has been hit by a tornado. The old man, called Muchemi, talked with tears in his eyes, that he does not count what he lost in the violence, but he is happy that his old friends have welcomed them back.

When the high powered government officials arrived, it was around 5.00 pm and the people had been waiting for them patiently since 8.00 am in the morning. They came, talked briefly and left in a hurry, but we continued with our program of the receiving community taking them to their good neighbors. It was joy as they embraced each other. I felt tears in my eyes after seeing the old man Muchemi who lost 600 bags of maize [corn], 500 bags of dried coffee ready for export, a school and an orphanage for the destitute children from the area. He was very brave when he extended an olive branch to those who did the demonic act. He asked to be forgiven if ever he annoyed anybody, and many others followed.

The work of the FCPT is very much evident on the ground and both the IDPs and the elders talked as if nothing had ever happened. The community of the Kalejin and the Kikuyus have appreciated the work FCPT has done and is still committed to work with them in resettlement and organizing more peace activities for the youth. Please continue to pray that the peace we have witnessed today 25th July may remain forever.

God's blessing to all of you.

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