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List of Major Achievements by Friends Peace Teams during the fiscal year ending October 31, 2006

Alternatives to Violence workshops:

  • Rwanda/Congo—6 three-day workshops with half Rwandan and half Congolese participants
  • Rwanda—20 three-day workshops in the hot-spot community of Nyamata
  • Burundi—2 three-day workshops with former community militia members
  • Kenya—15 three-day workshops in selected communities in western Kenya
  • Tanzania—7 beginning workshops to introduce the program in Kigoma

Healing and Rebuilding Our Community workshops:

  • Rwanda—8 three-day workshops in selected communities
  • Burundi—2 three-day workshops in Kibimba, 2 follow-up one-day workshops
  • Assessment of workshops—“After the Guns Have Stopped.”
  • Rwanda/Burundi—1 two-week training and 1 one-week training for 24 Healing Companions
    • 25 community based three-day workshops in six communities
    • 6 follow-up one-day workshops in three communities
    • 6 community celebrations in six communities


  • Burundi—Construction of Kamenge Clinic, Bujumbura
  • Kenya—Construction of Lubao Peace Center
  • Rwanda—Construction of classroom for street children program
  • Uganda—Completion of construction of Bududa Hope Technical School

Friends Women’s Association:

  • Burundi—Support for staff and program at Kamenge Clinic in Bujumbura for HIV positive women

Speaking tours:

  • United States—Elie Nahimana for one month
  • England—Adrien Niyongabo for one month
  • Two issues of PeaceWays-AGLI magazine


  • Quaker Peace Network—East Africa in Tororo, Uganda