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HROC Articles

HROC Burundi: Report on Election Violence Prevention Seminar July 2009

A Quantitative Evaluation of the Healing and Rebuilding our Communities Program of the African Great Lakes Initiative Burundi 2007

Manual: A Guide for Leaders: Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC)

Now, I am Human: Testimonies from the Healing Companions Program in Rwanda and Burundi

Manual for Basic Workshop: Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC), January 2007. This manual includes the curriculum for the three day basic HROC workshop.

After the Guns Have Stopped: Searching for Reconciliation in Burundi, by Theoneste Bizimana and Anna Sandidge, May, 2006. These are the words of 18 out of 41 rural Burundians that the author interviewed about their lives, their journey of healing, and their involement with the Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities program, 48 pages with pictures.

Recovering from Violent Conflict: An Evaluation of Healing and Rebuilding Our Community Workshops in Burundi by Peter Yeomans and Adrien Niyongabo, February 2006. Seventy-eight Burundians with substantial traumatic histories were tested before and after their participation in the Healing and Rebuilding Our Community (HROC) workshop series.

Healing Mutaho by Adrien Niyongabo and David Zarembka, March 2005. This is a description of the series of six HROC workshops with Tutsi from an internally displaced camp and Hutu from the surrounding community, three follow-up seminars, and a community gathering/celebration to restore normal, healthy relationships in this community.

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities by David Zarembka, reprinted from the Quaker Life, October 2004 describes the three-day community healing workshops in Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda as developed by AGLI-trained facilitators.

Trauma Healing Report—Rwanda by Adrien Niyongabo July 2003. Report on the first twenty-five trauma healing workshops in Rwanda.

Trauma Healing in Burundi by David Zarembka, September 2002. Description of the THARS program and the opening of the listening room in Cagura, Burundi.

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