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Introduction to Mutaho, Burundi

Aftermath of the Visit to the Gitega Prison

HROC Testimonies from Mutaho

Goodness Is Not a Debt

Rema (Have Courage)--The Mutaho Widows Group

Heading for the Kamenge Clinic
By Dr. Alexia Nibona, Director

A Day in the Life of a Workcamper
By Sara Gmitter

  • PeaceWays Winter 2007:
    The Shape of Burundi is Like a Human Heart

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This issue is a series of emails sent by first-time AGLI workcamper, Whitney Popp, to her friends and family. Whitney, who is from California, had never been to Washington DC before, much less Africa.

View Whitney's entries

  • PeaceWays Winter 2007:
    Changes of Hearts: The Slow Walk of Healing

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A Little Peace of Kenya By Aletia Dundas

Friends’ Prophetic Voice By Malesi Kinaro

The Returnees’ Plight By David Zarembka

Healing HIV-Positive Women By Florence Ntakarutimana

Imperceptible Change of Hearts By Bethany Mahler