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Fall 2009
Love Thy Neighbor:
Understanding and Reconciliation

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Editorial Comment

Why We Should “Love Thy Neighbor”
By Angela Forcier

Why I Do What I Do: Life in Bududa, Uganda
By Barbara Wybar

HROC and the Batwa Ethnic Group in Rwanda
By Theoneste Bizimana

Living Abundantly
By Deborah Dakin

A Bumpy Road to Mediation By George Brose

Applying These Teachings: Testimonies from Congo
By Zawadi Nikuze

By David Zarembka

Reaching a Common Reconciliation
By Adrien Niyongabo

Welcome Back
By Dorcas Nyambura


Spring 2009
To Love My Country Without Fear:
Evaluation of Alternatives to Violence Project Workshops
in Rwandan Settlement Camps

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Executive Summary



AVP/Implementing Organization

Evaluation Methodolgy


Recommendations for the Futute




Fall 2008

Putting Down a Heavy Load:
Recovery from Civil War in Burundi

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Editorial Comment
By David Zarembka

Not Development, Transformation
By Andrew Peterson

Recovery in Mutaho, Burundi
By Adrien Niyongabo

Introduction to Mutaho, Burundi

Aftermath of the Visit to the Gitega Prison

HROC Testimonies from Mutaho

Goodness Is Not a Debt

Rema (Have Courage)--The Mutaho Widows Group

Heading for the Kamenge Clinic
By Dr. Alexia Nibona, Director

A Day in the Life of a Workcamper
By Sara Gmitter





Spring 2008
Confronting the Conflict in Kenya:
Analysis and Response

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The Blind Men and the Kenyan Elephant:
Nine Interpretations of the Violence in Kenya in Early 2008
By David Zarembka, Coordinator

Peace Dialogues in Kenya From a report by Jared Nyagwoka

Empowering Youth to Find Alternatives to Violence
By Julia O’Connor

AGLI Releases Malesi Kinaro for Peace Building in Kenya

AGLI Updates



Winter 2007
I am the Change I Want to See in the World

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AVP has been holding workshops in Kenya since 2003. Many participants have spoken glowingly about its impact in their personal lives and workplaces. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out if the project is achieving its goals, and how it might strengthen its impact throughout the country.





Winter 2007
The Shape of Burundi is Like a Human Heart

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This issue is a series of emails sent by first-time AGLI workcamper, Whitney Popp, to her friends and family. Whitney, who is from California, had never been to Washington DC before, much less Africa.

View Whitney's entries




Winter 2007
Changes of Hearts: The Slow Walk of Healing

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View articles from this issue:

A Little Peace of Kenya By Aletia Dundas

Friends’ Prophetic Voice By Malesi Kinaro

The Returnees’ Plight By David Zarembka

Healing HIV-Positive Women By Florence Ntakarutimana

Imperceptible Change of Hearts By Bethany Mahler


Fall 2007
Now I am Human: Testimonies from the Healing and Companions Program in Rwanda and Burundi

Rwanda: By Bethany Mahler and Florence Ntakarutimana
Burundi: By Adrien Niyongabo

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Executive Summary




HROC Philosophy




Spring 2007
Christianity, Non-violence and the Challenge Before Us

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View sections of the issue:

From Silence By Laura Shipler Chico

Love and Caring for Each Other:
AVP and Spirituality From a Kenyan Christian Perspective
By Malesi Kinaro

Planting the Tree of Peace among Enemies
By Anna Crumley-Effinger

HROC—What Are We Really Doing?
A Discussion between Peter Yeomans, Laura Shipler Chico, and Dave Zarembka

Can We Stop Genocide and Other Violent Conflict?
Thoughts by David Zarembka